Here's the link to download: USMC: http://www.mediafire.com/?r591tryi0iazusb Specnaz: http://www.mediafire.com/?wip3b18f8wvowax


Damn... After VERY long break, I'am gooing to continue my officials Ace Of Spades Skin Pack creativity. Well, this is my list: 1) USMC Full Skin Pack 2) Specnaz Full Skin Pack 3) Sop Aitvaras Full Skin Pack 4) SAS Full Skin Pack 5) BAF Full Skin Pack I think thas enough for the "start". If u have any ideas, please comment or contact me.


Battlefield 3 AK74M PSO Skin

Well, my Battlefield 3 skin pack sucks, so i think that this is time to do some good updates for it. So, my new OWSOME skin: BATTLEFIELD 3 AK74M PSO.
*Note This gun goanna have updates


Paintball on Ace Of Spades ?! OMG

First time someone created paintball skin pack for Ace Of Spades? And who is that "someone"? Yeah right, it's me. :) Have fun!


Royal Marines Pack

I this Pack you can find British SA80 With nice British SUSAT Scope and L96 Sniper rifle
Updated:Now with Wav sounds.


Medal Of Honor 2010 Sniper skin pack

In this Medal Of Honor 2010 Sniper skin pack, you can found MP7A1 SubMachinegun and M110 SASS Sniper rifle. Note: Scopes and sights not mine.